Trading for Profit

I am excited. I recently attended a one day trading workshop in London which provided me with a strategy for spread-betting on the Dow Jones, Gold, and the USD: GBP FX market.

It relies on Tramlines, Fibonacci retracements and Elliot Waves. Now, these may all sound very complicated terms but they are in fact very simple. Please google them if you would like to learn a bit more.

It will take some down to hone my skills but I am prepared to invest the time. I have been doing some maths and I think it will serve as a way of potentially achieving a 25% quarterly return. This is therefore an excellent way for me to build up my funds prior to investing in cash flowing assets to provide my income for financial independence.

Trading and spread-betting is all very new to me but I am about to start putting my first trades on. If I can keep my emotions under control, trade exactly as per my strategy with discipline I’m hoping I will turn a profit.

I will keep you updated as to progress and may even provide insights into some of the trades I have put on.

As ever, I am very happy to try out different investment strategies to get me closer to my goal. If it doesn’t work out, I will be able to cross it off the list and try something different. Experimenting is the way forward and this is the attitude you need to have too if you want to be successful on your path to financial independence.

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