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Your first step on your path to financial independence…

I’m an avid reader of books, I love books which enhance my financial education.  My attitude is that if you invest a small amount in yourself via books it will repay you many times over in the long run.  My book shelf is literally full of hundreds of books on financial strategy, financial education and personal development all of which help drive me to my goal of financial independence.

Financial Independence

Ultimately, I want to become the best person I can possibly be so that I can achieve as much as I possibly can while at the same time having the spare time to see my friends and family. To me I will only deem myself to have had a successful life once I have reached financial independence.

This list of reading material is very valuable and each of the books will help to develop your financial education and help drive you to financial independence. Taken together though the list could be very powerful indeed- it will develop your mindset, help you understand why Western Economies are in massive trouble, give you some background education in economics and economic history, and help you to understand what are wise investments in the current climate.

So, what are these fantastic books which I talk about? Well, I’ve listed below the books which I think are the most rewarding to read. I’ve broken them down into sections to help you focus on which books may suit you best. I think the books relating to changing your mindset are the most important though, so please start with one of these.

Books for Financial Independence

Change your Mind Set
Real Estate/ Property Investing
Investment Strategy & Economic History
Understanding the Current Economic Mess
  • Wake Up- Survive and Prosper in the Coming Economic Turmoil- By Jim Mellon and Al Chalabi
  • Conspiracy of the Rich- The 8 New Rules of Money- By Robert Kiyosaki
  • End Game- By John Mauldin
Precious Metals

I urge you take advantage of this list of reading. I have developed my financial education over the past 5 years and these were the most powerful books for financial independence which I came across!!

Please note some of these books are hard to get hold of as they target a very niche audience, so be prepared for a little book hunting for some of the titles.

Like with anything in life though, you will only maximise your learning when you apply what you have learnt in the real world! Through reading, courses and real-life experience you will slowly build up your financial education to enable you to  reach your financial goals and financial independence. Get going now!

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